Well, Penumbra decks are everywhere and boy are they fun. I don't see why the Peasant format should be left out. Here are three decks of recurring Penumbra fun.
*Dead Cat*
2 Spined Fluke (Uncommon)
1 Penumbra Kavu (Uncommon)
4 Keldoran Dead
4 Penumbra Bobcat
4 Dark Ritual
3 Culling the Weak
3 Lay of the Land
1 Hush (or Multani's Decree)
4 Drain Life
2 Serrated Arrows
4 Rancor
1 Wicked Reward
4 Unearth
2 Haunted Cross Roads (Uncommon)
13 Swamp
10 Forest
This deck removes the disadvantage of both those good old Black regenerators: the Spined Fluke and the Keldoran Dead. When either of these cards come into play you have to sacrifice a creature and that's why the cat's in town. If you sac the Penumbra creatures you don't lose any card advantage.
The rest of the deck offers similar suprises. Culling the Weak helps accelerate the deck and as does the classic Dark Ritual and Green land search. a great draw could go:
Turn 1: Forest
Turn 2: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Penumbra Bobcat, Keldoran Dead (you have a 2/1 and a 3/1 in play)
Turn 3: Swamp, Unearth, Culling the Weak, Penumbra Kavu (2/1, 2/1, 3/1, 3/3 in play)
Of course with all that stuff hitting the graveyard you will want to have a little recursion. Of course Unearth is the MVP in this deck since every creature except the Kavu can be brought out for 1 mana. Haunted Crossroads will keep you going in the end game.
Hush (or Multani's Decree) is there against white which will start doing it's best to drop CoP Black and pro. Black enchantments. Serrated Arrows should also help.
The point of all this is that a 5/1 trample (b/c of Rancor) creature that can regenerate is good. Even better is a 7/1 trample regenerate creature that you can attack turn 4 (with at least 1 blocker left behind).
*Never Set the Cat on Fire*
4 Breath of Darigaaz (Uncommon)
4 Penumbra Bobcat
3 Mogg Fanatic
1 Bloodfire Dwarf
4 Viashino Sandscout
1 Viashino Cuthroat (Uncommon)
4 River Boa
1 Blastoderm
4 Incinerate
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Rancor
4 Lay of the Land
14 Mountain
8 Forest
This deck functions well with a pretty good creature selection, but after casting Breath of Darigaaz with the kicker (one of the only spells capable of clearing the board in Peasant format) the game may as well be over. The Cat leaves a 2/1 kitten behind and the Viashino will start a pretty good beatdown of their own. The Blastoderm will survive if he's out and the River Boa can always regenerate (incinerate is for use against their regen creatures). You should pass the Breath test unharmed, even Rancor will come back for more).
Of course this deck takes a fair bit of land so some extra is thrown in and Lay of the Land is included. You could consider dropping the Bolt to add Rampant Growth or maybe Tinder Wall to speed things up.
*Cat with 999 Lives*
1 Breath of Darigaaz (Uncommon)
4 Penumbra Bobcat
4 Goblin Legionaire
3 Ghitu Slinger
4 Mogg Fanatic
1 Tragic Poet
2 Mine Bearer
4 Rancor
4 Squee's Embrace
4 Angelic Renewal
4 Crop Rotation
4 Rampant Growth
4 Rith's Grove (Uncommon)
5 Forest
7 Mountain
7 Plains
This deck is a little slower than most of the others, but it really sticks around for the long haul. Between the Bobcat and the Angelic Renewal and Squee's Revenge it doesn't matter what your opponent kills, it will just come back for more. What this deck lacks in offensive punch it makes up by fighting to the bitter end, a fair amount of creature removal helps a bit. This deck is fun since it makes your opponent's job harder ("If I kill it, it will just be back again").
As with most tri-color decks mana is a huge problem. Rith's Grove helps as do the Crop Rotations needed to fetch it.
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