hey for anyone out there who wants a good deck for a couple bucks this is for
                                           blue skies remix
4 thalakos scout
4 wayward soul
4 cloud sprite
4 phantom warrior
4 metathran soldier
4 opt
4 impulse
4 seal of removal
4 withdraw
4 counterspel
1 forbid
3 capsize

                                 you get a bunch of choices in this
deck.playing against the conventional version of skies? metathran soldier,
phantom warrior, and thalakos scout let you race them while a wayward soul
chump blocks. playing against control? late in the game capsize knocks out
the main engine, while forbid comes back to counter the bounced permanents.
seal of removal and withdraw are cheap answers to quick creature decks. opt
and impulse help you get what you need to win. have fun and good luck!!!!