4 Carnophage
3 Hypnotic Specter
3 Razertooth Rats
4 Fen Stalker
4 Howl from Beyond
4 Unholy Strength
4 Sinister Stength
4 Terror
2 Dark Banishing
1 Demonic Tutor
4 Dark Ritual
2 Drain Life
21 Swamp

This deck is simple. It simply aquires strong creatures early and simply overwhelms the opponent. I was thinking of including Strip Mine, but couldn't remember its rarity. The Demonic Tutor really helps when you need that kill card to bash the evil flying beast known as Air Elemental. Howl works well with Stalker because if you use all your mana, he becomes unblockable(usally). I think Black Beatdown is probably the best deck type for peasent Magic.

                                           Later. Eric

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