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Peasant Magic Decks - 2012

Brave the Elements Peasant Deck

Hi, rwobsession here. Just thought I'd post my "Brave the Elements" peasant deck. It's a basic white weenie deck with support cards. I ran it at a tournament at my college for fun and got 2nd with it. The deck had to comply with regular peasant rules, also no card could cost more than 2 dollars.

So here's the list:

Main board

(22x Creatures)
    2x Angelic Wall   
    2x Gideon's Lawkeeper
    4x Leonin Skyhunter
    4x Porcelain Legionnaire   
    2x Shade of Trokair
    4x Squadron Hawk
    4x Suntail Hawk

(6x Enchantments)
    4x Journey to Nowhere
    2x Oblivion Ring

(10x Instants)
    2x Brave the Elements (Uncommons #1 and 2)
    4x Guardians' Pledge
    2x Holy Day
    2x Marrow Shards (Uncommons #3 and 4)
(22x Land)
    14x Plains
    4x Quicksand
    4x Sejiri Steppe

    1x Brave the Elements (Uncommon #5)
    2x Dawn Charm   
    2x Gideon's Lawkeeper
    3x Guard Duty
    2x Lone Missionary
    1x Oblivion Ring
    2x Shade of Trokair
     2x Stave Off

Obviously the deck is creature heavy, I'm running as many creatures as I am land. Every creature main boarded flies except for the Legionnaire and Lawkeeper and nothing costs more than three besides the shade. Legionnaire is good defense early game and good offense late game. Lawkeeper is just an extra one-drop and was better than Goldenglow Moth. The majority of the offense comes from the hawks. Four hawks on the field with one or two Guardians' Pledge is a very nice surprise. Angelic Wall was the best defender I could find to run. Two for a 0/4 defender with flying is hard to beat. The MVP is the shade.  He hits for 5 alone on turn 4.

Journey to Nowhere removes anything targetable by white, it was the best creature removal I could find. Oblivion Ring removes pesky enchantments or artifacts, or acts as fifth and sixth Journeys.

Holy Day is self-explanatory. I ran two Marrow Shards as Uncommons because I was expecting other weenie decks like mine, goblins, or elves. At worst, it's a kill spell. My other three Uncommons protected my field from destruction. Brave the Elements stops Pyroclasm, or other weenie killers or it makes my creatures unblockable and untargetable for a crucial hit or win.

Twenty-two Land seemed like the right number for this deck. I came across Quicksand and instantly thought "Kill Spell" because it's very good in this format for removal or deterrent. Sejiri Steppe was also a good choice because it's a free Stave Off that makes something unkillable or unblockable. Bonuses on lands are crucial in this format because most of your cards are creatures.

The sideboard came together fairly easily. I knew two Brave the Elements was enough, but a third one was needed at times. I originally wanted to run Dawn Charm until I remembered Holy Day. This card is so versatile. A Holy Day, Counter, or Regen, all what this deck is about.
Two more Lawkeepers were good because If I needed it to be faster or have more defense, they were there.

Guard Duty was a contender against Pacifism, but since I ran Journey instead, I never ran Pacifism. Plus since everything pretty much flies, I don't need to worry about blockers. So I just Guard Dutied anything that flew.

Lone Missionary was in the original plan, until I discovered Skyhunter. Sideboarding him is better just because lifegain is essential against a lifegain deck. Since I didn't need three Oblivion Rings, I just saved one for later. Two shades are in here because I don't need them all the time. I normally would put them in instead of Lawkeeper just for more impact if I didn't need the defense.

The last change I made right before the tournament was the Stave Offs. They are great for removing cripple auras and preventing kills.

Well, that's what my peasant deck does. Hope you like it and if you have any further questions, please contact me at rwobsession@gmail.com Also check me out on YouTube at TheRWOBSESSION's channel.   





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