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Peasant Magic Decks - 2011

Black Peasant 2.0 - Marco

After looking at some current cards I remade the old black suicide concept and made it slightly more consistent while remaining considerably cheap.
Creatures 20
4 Vampire Lacerator
4 Dauthi Slayer
4 Wicked Akuba
4 Pulse Tracker
4 Carnophage
Spells 20
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Duress
4 Dark Ritual
4 Geth's Verdict
4 Unholy Strength
Land 20
4 Peat Bog
16 Swamp
Sideboard 20
3 Sign in Blood
3 Innocent Blood
2 Terror
2 Doom Blade
2 Endless Scream
4 Plague Stinger
4 Vampire Nighthawk




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