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Peasant Magic Decks - 2011

Blue Skies Peasant - by Marco

Pretty straightforward and simple, use cheap flyers to overrun the opponent and protect your flyers with counter spells to gain the upper hand. Unstable mutation is a useful power up, since most of the creatures are weenies and the -1 counters aren't much of a problem since the creatures are pretty disposable too.
Creatures 20
4 Flying Men
4 Zephyr Sprite
4 Cloud Sprite
4 Phantom Warrior
4 Thalakos Scout
Spells 20
4 Seal of removal
4 Counterspell
4 Unstable mutation
4 Opt
4 Gush
Land 20
20 Island
Sideboard 15
4 Aether Burst
4 Unsummon
4 Boomerang
3 Daze

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