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Peasant Magic Decks - 2011

Green Peasant - by Marco

The main idea of the deck is to use mana accelerators, play low-cost beat sticks and pump them up with spells like Rancor or Seal of strength. In the sideboard I included a couple of other weenies and useful spells just to change them if needed (and because i like to keep decks at 60 cards).
Creatures 28
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Fyndhorn Elves
4 Rouge Elephant
4 Jungle Lion
4 Elvish Spirit Guide
4 Quirion Sentinel
4 Quirion Ranger
Spells 20
4 Rancor
4 Land Grant
4 Briar Shield
4 Seal of Strength
4 Lotus Petal
Land 12
12 Forest
Sideboard 15
4 Mtenda Lion
4 Skyshroud ridgeback
4 Pouncing jaguar
3 Scryb sprites

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