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Peasant Magic Decks - 2011

Black PEZ - by Marco

here's a black peasant deck, some creatures are shadow based, in order to have an advantage over other decks, I also included several hand disruption cards to cancel my opponents strategies and some edict-based creature removal. In mana acceleration I placed dark ritual and peat bog, dark ritual is a must and it tends to be the key on PEZ black decks and while peat bog is a bit slower it can fuel more power in a single turn rather than a single swamp could do. In the sideboard are some utility cards that put the deck to work in different situations, for example Unholy/Sinister strength work best if you need more muscle rather than control, the lotus petal works best if you require more mana acceleration, drain life and vicious hunger if you need more creature removal and finally Skittering Skirge and Wretched Anurid work as cheap, efficient 2-drops that pack slightly higher muscle than the other creatures.
Creatures 24
4 Dauthi Horror
4 Dauthi Slayer
4 Carnophage
4 Festering Goblin
4 Carrion Feeder
4 Maggot Carrier
Spells 16
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Diabolict Edict
4 Duress
4 Dark Ritual
Land 16
16 Swamp
4 Peat Bog
Sideboard 15
3 Unholy Strength
3 Sinister Strength
3 Lotus Petal
3 Skittering Skirge/Wretched Anurid
3 Drain Life/Vicious Hunger




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