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Peasant Magic Decks - 2009

/////White-Green Beats - Robert Barone




4 Terramorphic Expanse

7 Forest

7 Plains




4 Sakura Tribe-Elder

4 Werebear

4 Qasali Pridemage

4 Blade of the Sixth Pride

4 Blastoderm

2 Razor Golem




4 Land Grant

3 Congregation at Dawn*




2 Skull Clamp*




4 Armadillo Cloak

4 Rancor

3 Oblivion Ring




This deck is a Green-White beats deck that takes advantage of some powerful on-color gold cards.  The deck likes to win big, either by consecutive Blastoderms courtesy of Congregation at Dawn or by an unanswered Armadillo Cloak.  It is a fun deck that plays with style.



Creatures in this deck have a sub-theme of achieving threshold for Werebear.  Sakura Tribe-Elder, Qasali Pridemage, and Blastoderm usually end up in the graveyard via abilities to quickly make Werebear a 4/4.  However, this is only an option for the deck and not the main focus.  Werebear can usually achieve threshold during a normal game, but is still an effective mana accelerant early on.


Blade of the Sixth Pride is the only 3/1 white creature for two mana.  It is an early beater that quickly can drain the opponent’s life total.  An early Blade of the Sixth Pride with Rancor or Armadillo Cloak can quickly put you too far ahead of your opponent to catch up.


Sakura Tribe-Elder may have lost some power from the new M10 rules, but it’s still a powerful green creature.  Its ability can fetch a land from your deck in order to color fix and also thin your deck of lands to provide less dead draws.  It’s pretty much a Rampant Growth with the option to be a creature.


Qasali Pridemage brings some elements of white control to the deck.  Having a Naturalize type of ability while not dedicating slots to it specifically is very important.  Qasali Pridemage is also a decent creature.  On turn three it can attack alone as a 3/3, or his exalted ability can be stacked later on for making large attackers.  Like stated earlier, his ability can also help Werebear achieve its threshold.


There are only two Razor Golems in the deck because there simply aren’t many plains.  However, there are enough Plains to warrant the inclusion of two Razor Golems because even with only three Plains in play, Razor Golem can be a 3/4 Vigilance for (3). 


Blastoderm is probably the best and the most fun card in the deck.  Congregation at Dawn is meant to find three consecutive Blastoderms to finish off the opponent.  It’s a 5/5 shroud for GG2; what more can be said?  With Sakura Tribe-Elder or Werebear, it is often possible to play a third turn Blastoderm to shift the advantage in your favor early.  Blastoderm’s fading drawback also helps Werebear once it must be sacrificed.



Oblivion Ring provides some board control.  There isn’t that much enchantment hate in Peasant, and if your opponent wants to waste their enchantment removal on Oblivion Ring instead of Armadillo Cloak, then go ahead and let them.  Oblivion Ring is nice to remove any potential blockers or any other nuisances.  The count has been dropped to three because Qasali Pridemage fills in the role of destroying any threats that are enchantments or artifacts.


Rancor is simply a powerful green enchantment.  You can’t go wrong with this recurring nightmare in any agro deck that has green in it.


Armadillo Cloak is a bomb for the deck.  It can put you so far ahead that it will make it hard for your opponent to come back.  One unblocked attack by a Blade of the Sixth Pride with Armadillo Cloak provides a life swing of 10.  Expect any creature with this enchantment on it to have a target on its forehead.  Sometimes, it is best to use when your opponent is tapped out just to insure that you will be able to attack at least once with Armadillo Cloak on a creature.



Land Grant has two functions.  One, it finds Forests and thins the deck for quality draws later on.  Two, it loads the graveyard for Werebear while not disrupting the mana base.


Congregation at Dawn is meant to be a bomb for the deck.  It can find three consecutive Blastoderms for a finisher with style.  If the first Congregation at Dawn fails, a second can find three Werebears which would most likely have threshold.  If you play it once, you won’t doubt its sheer power in the deck.



Skullclamp is the only equipment in the deck.  It can instantly draw two cards with Sakura Tribe-Elder (4), Werebear (4) without threshold, and Blade of the Sixth Pride (4).  It is a reusable draw engine that the deck desperately needs.  Unfortunately, it can’t be equipped to a fading Blastoderm for guaranteed draws.



The mana base is slightly smaller with only 18 lands.  However, Land Grant negates this problem and allows the mana base to flow smoothly.  Werebear and Sakura Tribe-Elder also boost the deck’s ability to find sufficient mana.


Terramorphic Expanse serves three roles:

1) Thinning the deck of lands for better draws later on.

2) Finding appropriate colored mana when needed.

3) Aiding to achieve Werebear’s threshold.


Terramorphic Expanse’s slows the deck down for the turn that it is used, but its benefits outweigh its costs.



The deck plays like a mix between a weenie and a beats deck.  It has a lot of small weenies, but also has four Blastoderms and four potential 4/4 Werebears for large beats.  Usually, the deck wins through a limited number of large unblocked creatures via Armadillo Cloak, Rancor, or simply large creatures.


Congregation at Dawn honestly makes up about 50% of the deck’s wins.  Three Consecutive Blastoderms starting turn 4 is just too much to handle for many decks.  This deck is strong and has a decent all around matchup.


I have thought about changing the deck to have more Forests and the inclusion of Blanchwood Armor.  Feel free to send me your ideas and feedback at rbarone293@gmail.com

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