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Peasant Magic Decks - 2009
Mono Black Control - Brandon Moore

I saw you wanted deck lists and tournament reports. I have one but its not anything really special.

25x Swamps

1x Twisted Abomination
3x Canker Abomination (1,2,3 /5 Uncommons)

Creature Destruction/Control/Win Conditions
4x Unmake
4x Echoing Decay
4x Diabolic Edict
4x Consume Spirit
4x Corrupt
4x Evincar's Justice
3x Spinning Darkness (Awesome)
2x Infest (4, 5 /5 uncommons)
2x Tendrils of Corruption

4x Duress (Use after 1st game against Combo/Counterspell decks)
4x Hymn to Tourach (same as duress)
4x Drain Life (Use again Mono Red Burn and storm decks which can only chain just enough spells for 20 damage and each bit of life you gain above that means they have generate that many more spells to outweight it.)
4x Brush With Death (side again storm/mono red they moment you start gaining life against red is when the game stops being uphill for you and becomes uphill for them)

The idea of this deck is pretty simple, you control the board with things like Evicars Justice, Infest, and the slew of other removal at your disposal. I had a tournament last Saturday it was pretty basic. We only had four rounds. The decks that were present:

2x Mono Red Burn
1x Horseshoe Crab Deck
1x Affinity R/B with Atog
1x G/U Control deck that used the Mimic from Eventide.
1x Red Black Aggro Deck

I went 4-0. The only one that came close was one of the mono red burn decks but they could only get me down to 3 then I nailed a corrupt for 6 and just went up from there.

I have a feeling next tournament will have more High Tide decks which I didn't get a chance to test against except for on Magic Work Station and with proper card play I can put myself just outside of their reach.


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