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Peasant Magic Decks - 2010


"We Named the Dog ‘Indiana.’" or More Stupid Eldrazi Tricks For Fun and Zero Profit.


Ho hum. Another day, another Standard legal, Eldrazi filled, Wizards approved PEZ deck.



(Peasant Magic deck. Uncommons marked with an *.)



4 Hand of Emrakul

4 Not Of This World*

4 Ulamog’s Crusher



4 Ancient Stirrings

4 Growth Spasm

4 Kozilek’s Predator

1 Nature’s Spiral*

4 Nest Invader

4 Ondu Giant

4 Overgrown Battlement

1 Spider Umbra



22 Forests



4 Entangling Vines (anti-creature)

4 Leaf Arrow (anti-flyer)

4 Naturalize (anti-artifact and enchantment)

3 Spider Umbra


How The Deck Works: Once upon a time (twelve months ago, give or take), "Eldrazi Green" referred to a Standard deck that used & abused the card Eldrazi Monument. And then came along pro-player Kotaro Otsuka, who took his version of the deck (filled with Eldrazi and cards from Rise of The Eldrazi) to the top 8 of Pro Tour-San Juan. My decklist has little comparison to his, but the plan of attack is the same for both. Make mana. Cast an Eldrazi. Pimpslap your opponent to death.


1) Kozilek’s Predator and Nest Invader: Cast ‘em early and often. Both of them produce mana-making Eldrazi Spawn tokens when they come into play. They also give you a bit of defense in the early game.

2) Overgrown Battlement: Another mana-maker, who produces more mana the more Battlements you have in play.

3) Growth Spasm lets you tutor for a land and makes an Eldrazi Spawn critter.

4) Ondu Giant: More land tutoring, a little more defense.

5) Once you’re good to go on the mana, use Ancient Stirrings to tutor up one of the kill cards from the library.

6) Hand of Emakrul and Ulamog’s Crusher: a.k.a. "The kill cards." Eldrazi smash!

7) And finally, use the free-counterspell-for-beef Not Of This World to defend your kill cards.


The Nature’s Spiral is included in case we need to resurrect one of our big & beefy guys while the Spider Umbra is meant to deal with flyers. The sideboard works on the same principle, too, with Entangling Vines and Naturalize to deal with all the other permanents.


Until next time, I remain...


B. Siems



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