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Peasant Magic Decks - 2010

Dancing Madly Backwards - Delbert


Hi "Pojo",


Thought I would send you this fun little deck. Maybe someone else will have as much fun with it as I have.

Dancing Madly Backwards (named from a Captain Beyond song)

Mindlash Sliver  4
Rotting Rats     4
Bog Witch        3
Big Game Hunter  3*
Grave Scrabbler  4
Brain Gorgers    3
Gorgon Recluse   3


Call of the Netherworld 4
Macabre Waltz     4
Dance of the Dead 2*
Sign in Blood     3
Vulshok Morningstar 3


Swamps 20


The idea of this deck is to work the madness mechanic while draining your opponent's hand.

Cheap casting cost discard forcing creatures (Mindlash Sliver and Rotting Rats) drive the use of madness unless your opponent allows you to get a Bog Witch out. (Bog Witch and madness is a dream come true, don't expect it to live long.)

You can also use a Vulshok Morningstar to boost the power of an opponent's creature, so you can kill it with a Big Game Hunter. 

Macabre Waltz does double duty by returning your madness creatures back and letting you use them at the same time.

With all that discarding, use Dance of the Dead to grab any good creature your opponent dumps.

Your opponent will be down to single cards in no time while you cast madness creatures cheap and recycle your dead.






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