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Peasant Magic Decks - 2010

Night of the Living Peasants! (or "I totally have it in me to kill my flatmate, my mum and my girlfriend in the same day!")


As I write this it will soon be October, and not much longer after that, Halloween. Traditionally in America, Halloween marks the unofficial start of the holiday season or as I like to call it, Hell On Earth. And when I think of "hell" (and a way to tie this all back together), I think of zombie apocalypse. And elevator music. But mostly zombies. So with that in mind, here’s a zombie deck for Peasant Magic.


BUY MILK. PLAY MAGIC. DODGE ZOMBIES. (Uncommons marked with an asterisk.)



4 Carnophage (2/2 for B, pay a life every upkeep to untap)

4 Carrion Feeder (1/1 for B, can’t block but can sac a creature to give him a +1/+1 counter)

4 Dregscape Zombie (2/1 for 1B, unearth for B)

4 Rotting Rats (1/1 for 1B, everybody discards, unearth for 1B)

4 Sangrophage (3/3 for BB, pay 2 life every upkeep to untap)

4 Viscera Dragger (3/3 for 3B, unearth for 1B, cycling 2)



1 Clutch of Undeath ("Aaaah! It’s got me!")

4 Dark Ritual ("Rise from the grave and do my bidding!")

4 Drain Life OR Consume Spirit (from their fleshy bodies!)

2 Lingering Death ("It scratched me! And now I feel like eating some brains.")

4 Rend Flesh (from their bones!) OR Terror ("It’s flesh eating zombies! Aiiiiiiieee!")

1 Rise from the Grave* ("Rise, my minion!")



20 Swamp



4 Dash Hopes ("Oh Gawd, there’s no escaping them!")

3 Feast or Famine (makes zombies or kills creatures)

4 Outbreak* (of the living dead)

4 Wrench Mind ("Braaaaaains!")


PLAN: This here deck is all about offense. Keep on sending out cheap zombies until there’s nothing left to kill or nothing left to kill with. Get Carnophage and Sangrophage out early. Once they stop being productive (i.e. yer losing too much life too ‘em), feed ‘em to the Carrion Feeder. Same with the unearth guys, they are there to stuff into Feedy’s mouth. But only after they’ve died a natural death the first time. Cast ‘em, lose ‘em in combat, unearth ‘em and lose ‘em in combat again but then feed ‘em to Feedy before they go to Exileville.


The spell list should be self-explanatory: creaturekill with a splash of mana acceleration. You’ll notice that I went the multiple choice route on some of the spells. Either/or will do, just roll with what floats your corpse...er, boat. (I run Consume Spirit and Rend Flesh, myself.) The sideboard provides thematic-yet-theoretical counterspelling in the guise of Dash Hopes and discard in Wrench Mind.


Until next time, I remain...


B. Siems



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