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Peasant Magic Decks - 2008

//NAME: Warren Consultation - Djanello
// Instant/Sorceries
        4 Dark Ritual
        4 Rite of Flame
        4 Cabal Ritual
        4 Desperate Ritual
        4 Seething Song
        4 Manamorphose
        1 Demonic Tutor
        4 Demonic Consultation
        4 Empty the Warrens
// Creatures
        4 Simian Spirit Guide
        2 Wild Cantor
// Enchantment/Artifacts
        4 Lotus Petal
        4 Chromatic Sphere
        4 Chromatic Star
// Lands
        9 Mountain
// Sideboard
SB:  4 Duress
SB:  4 Echoing Decay
SB:  4 Red Elemental Blast
SB:  3 Flaring Pain


This deck has already won several peasant tournaments in one form or another. This particular version plays an average of fourteen goblin tokens on turn two.

Once every four games this can happen on turn one. It needs a little practice playing it correctly, especially what to tutor for with the consultation. Sometimes you can consult for a 2nd consult, increasing the storm count.


When you start a game, just make sure that you have one out of the following nine in hand; Demonic Consultation, Demonic Tutor or Empty the Warrens. If you have, you basically explode on turn one. The only exception is that you might need one of the chromatic artifacts to produce a different mana than you have available. This is why the deck sometimes only produces tokens on turn two. If you need a third turn to cast enough tokens, you've probably done something wrong. Aggressive mulliganing is the key. Once the 10+ tokens are on the board, the opponent usually scoops up his cards after two attacks.


The sideboard is constructed to enable the tokens vs. opposition cards like echoing truth, echoing decay and counterspells. flaring pain can be effective against an early moment's peace.






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