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Peasant Magic Decks - 2008

peasant deck: horseshoe pingers (mono blue) - bjorn

this deck idea is pretty simple, you know solidarity!?, well you keep playing spells,
but instead of building storm, you're building mana, an awesome amount of mana,
then put that mana in to horseshoe crab, giving a ping ability,
and ping your foes to death.

how to build mana?, i thought it was quite obvious, but for those who dont see the clue,
play hightide, play cards that let you untap you land, each spell gives you a mana boost,
the more hightide you play the more mana you get, allot of draw spells make it possible to catch more untap cards, and with a bit of luck you can ping 25 damage in to your oppo's face in TURN 5.

why not brain freeze?, not every one of you may know this, but it's banned in peasant!

why not 60 cards?, cause i could choose, and it runs just fine this way,

why no counterspells?, cause you rather want to put your mana in killing your foe, i tried counter spells, but they made my deck too slow, and i didn't really need them most of the time, i stil play 2 daze, but that's mostly cause he returns a island, and can be played for an additional amount of mana, or discarted for frantic search

why drift of phantasms?, cause i needed a bit defense, and this one can be used to fetch a frantic search when your unleasing your fury, or a horseshoe crab when you (very unlikely cause of all the draw) don't draw one.

curiosity gives you an easy win, drawing a card every ping, its much like a braingeyser.

gush gives you the last few cards, discards for frantic search, or a land to replay and tap, or in case you have too many lands,it's a free draw spell

//land (20)
//creatures (12)
4#horseshoe crab
4#cloud of faeries
4#drift of phantasms
//spells (35)
3#viridian longbow
2#curiosity (unc)
3#psionic gift
3#mystical tutor(unc)
4#frantic search

I can (but prefer not to) be contacted @ bjorn#_#siemons#@#hotmail#.#com (remove the #)





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