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Peasant Magic Decks - 2008

Name: Blister
Type: PEZ
Goldfish turn: 4

// Lands
20 [RAV] Mountain (1)

// Creatures
4 [TE] Mogg Fanatic
4 [DK] Ball Lightning
4 [FD] Spark Elemental

// Spells
4 [MOR] Shard volley
4 [VI] Fireblast
4 [U] Lightning Bolt
3 [5E] Incinerate
4 [TSP] Rift Bolt
1 [ON] Chain of Plasma
4 [CHK] Lava Spike
4 [LG] Chain Lightning


4x Red elemental blast
4x Pyroblast
4x Echoing ruin
3x Overload

The idea of this deck is pretty obvious, burn your opponent to crisp. With the addition of shrd volley in Morningtide this deck becomes outright absurd. This is typical fourth turn kill:

Turn 1: EOT Lightning bolt (17 life)
Turn 2: chain lightning, Lava spike (14 life, 11 life)
Turn 3: Ball lightning (5 life)
Turn 4: Incinerate, fireblast (2 life, -2 life)

Sideboard is tuned for typically two toughest matchups – Affinity and High tide (freeze or prosperity variant). These three archetypes rule the peasant world, and are Tier 1.

Have fun annihilating your opponents.

Vlatko Jurisic (vlatko.jurisic@gmail.com)





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