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Peasant Magic Decks


RG Slivers - Jonathan Chapman

(08) 1CC
4x Metallic Sliver
4x Virulent Sliver

(19) 2CC
4x Gemhide Sliver
4x Muscle Sliver
4x Heart Sliver
4x Two-Headed Sliver
3x Spinneret Sliver

(11) 3CC+
4x Bonesplitter Sliver
3x Firewake Sliver
2x Might Sliver
2x Homing Sliver

(22) Land
12 Forest
10 Mountain

The sliver decks gained some great peasant magic cards from TimeSpiral block. Homing Sliver is a great all-purpose sliver tutor which can also be a creature.

Bonesplitter and Might Sliver pump up the slivers by two power. Two-headed sliver provides a form of evasion (or makes their blocks hurt more). Firewake adds more haste. Virulent adds poison, which can mean some really broken games in multiples when your opponent is gold-fishing early on. Spinneret is a sliver bear, which is better than average for a sliver as far as P/T goes. Once Gemhide hits the field with a Haste Sliver in play you can dump the rest of your hand quite easily (basically 2CC slivers cost 1 since you can tap them for mana the turn they come into play). Against a goldfish player you can go first turn Virulent, second turn Heart (swing with both), third turn Gemhide into Muscle and swing with Virulent, Heart, and Muscle. Or you can just ride the curve and then gain tempo with Bonesplitter.






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