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Peasant Magic Decks

'UG Slivers - a.k.a. Opposition-Slivers
Jonathan Chapman

(08) 1CC
4x Virulent Sliver
4x Force Spike

(18) 2CC
4x Quick Sliver
4x Muscle Sliver
4x Miscalculation
4x Counterspell
2x Winged Sliver

(7) 3CC
4x Shadow Sliver
3x Homing Sliver

(3) 4CC
3x Telekinetic Sliver

(2) 5CC
2x Might Sliver

(22) Land
4x Terramorphic Expanse
8x Forest
10x Island

They finally printed a sliver with an ability powerful-enough to be a rare: Telekinetic Sliver.
This gives all your slivers the ability to tap any permanent - mimicking Opposition (heck not that it matters but you can tap enchantments too, which makes it better). So the idea here is that you play control, dragging out the game until you can drop Telekinetic.
At that point you pretty much win. Just take care to be as sneaky as possible and don't let your slivers die needlessly. Play Quick Sliver and other slivers during your opponent's discard phase if possible.
Bluff counters if you need to. Use the counters to stop key spells or spells you can't deal with (like Calciderm and Blastoderm). Remember that Fetters won't stop your sliver from sharing his ability, so take advantage of that.

P.S. Depending on the circumstance it's either very fun or not fun at all to pit two sliver decks against each other.





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