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Peasant Magic Decks

A Night in Havenwood - August 2007

4x Sol Ring
1x Skullclamp
3x Golgari Signet
2x Gruul Signet
1x Grim Harvest
4x Trinket Mage
3x Compulsive Research
3x Stinkweed Imp
4x Blastoderm
3x Serrated Arrows
3x Nantuko Vigilante
2x Foresee
3x Havenwood Wurm
2x Disentegrate

(22) Land
4x Terramorphic Expanse
4x Island
3x Forest
2x Gruul Turf
2x Golgari Rotfarm
2x Swamp
1x Mountain
1x Tree of Tales
1x Seat of the Synod
1x Great Furnace
1x Vault of Whispers

I designed this deck in an effort to beat my B/G deck, which is nigh-unbeatable except by counter decks. The B/G deck tries to beat you by a game of attrition - that is they swap guy for guy and then get all their guys back and go for it again. Well this deck had that trick too (that is winning the war of attrition) but it also has card-drawing (via blue spells and Skullclamp), artifact mana-acceleration, and finally burn for a finisher.

The secret weapon I'm piloting in this deck is Havenwood Wurm - who sports a 6 toughness, trample, and flash. The cost is usually too prohibitive, but this deck uses 4x Sol Rings and has Trinket Mage to fetch them. Sure he seems like a bad creature, but in this format he's actually pretty solid (mainly because
5 power - met by his 6 toughness) is usually the sweet spot as far as PEZ creatures go).

Start out the game dropping a Sol Ring or using a Terramorphic Expanse to thin out your deck and fetch the color you need (early on that's black or blue).
Drop an early Mage and fetch either Clamp or another Ring (based on your hand). Use the Karoo lands after turn 3 to build up mana and get a land back in your hand to discard to Compulsive Research. Use a mid-game Foresee to dig for an answer or just to garner card advantage.

You can use Stinkweed Imp to block an enemy Blastoderm while using Serrated Arrows to take out equipped weenies before they can deal damage with Rancor.
Arrows also makes it hard for your opponent to equip clamp to creatures to draw cards. If you can't win the ground war, tie up the field while building mana.
Then finish the game with a trampling Wurm followed by a Disintegrate.





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