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Peasant Magic Decks

Rebel Peasant Deck

4 Blightspeaker - C
4 Blade of the Sixth Pride - C
4 Aven Riftwatcher - C
4 Children of Korlis - C
4 Amrou Scout - C
3 Big Game Hunter - U
2 Knight of the Holy Nimbus - U
4 Last Gasp - C
3 Seal of Doom - C
3 Vampiric Link - C
2 Divine Congregation - C
4 Necromancer's Magemark - C
10 Plains
10 Swamps

The whole concept of this deck is to use the Rebel search ability to gain creature advantage. Big Game Hunter, Last Gasp, and Seal of Doom allow you to control your opponents creatures. Aven Riftwatcher not only gives you a chance to flying aggro but you'll also gain to 2 life when it enters and leaves play, enchant it with Necromancers Magemark and you can use it several times. Divine Congregation and Children of Korlis will allow you to stall untill your ready to dish out your final assult.

Thank you for your time. Hope you enjoy the deck.
Ryan Long - Email - Vincentval13@yahoo.com





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