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Peasant Magic Decks


Red Haste-7/10 (good but not great) - Ravi Heim-Shankar

24 Mountain

4 Raging Goblin
4 Spark Elemental (common in Mirrodin)
3 Goblin Chariot
3 Lightning Elemental-- all good fast creatures with haste

4 Spitting Earth-- all mountain lands and good creature removal
2 Panic Attack-- lets all haste creatures swoop in
3 Fireball-- creature/player remover
2 Disintegrate-- " "

3 Shock-- creature remover
4 Fists of the Anvil-- creature boost
2 Incinerate-- creature remover

2 Firebreathing-- creature boost

The strategy of this deck is achingly simple. All you do is get creatures out, attack with them, and all the while burning the opponent and their creatures (with this deck, it is more wise to burn the creatures rather than the player). You may want to try adding more creatures, or less, whatever mood you are in.





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