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Peasant Magic Decks


Faerie Fish - Jonathan Chapman

4x Ninja of the Deep Hours
4x Spellstutter Sprite
4x Cloud of Faeries
4x Cloud Sprite

(10) Counters
4x Force Spike
3x Mana Leak
3x Daze

(9) Draw/Etc
4x Aether Vial
4x Gush
1x Mask of Memory

(7) Bounce
4x Withdraw
3x Snap

(18) Land
18 Island

This plays like any other fish deck. You control the tempo of the game while your Faeries work your opponent down (the deck runs 11 free spells). Early on leave mana open for Force Spike (since it becomes less useful later on) or put down a Cloud Sprite for Ninja shenanigans. Use Spellstutter as a hard-counter later on, which lets you use Snap or Withdraw as a counter also. Withdraw lets you catch back up in tempo should things not go so well early on. Withdraw and Snap work great with a Ninja on the field since they let you draw into further cards. Gush (for later in the game) plays well with Aether Vial or is fine alone since you only need 2 lands to run the entire deck. Vial could come out for Curiosity, Faerie Conclave, Grafted Wargear, etc. The deck could also run Unstable Mutation (the card's amazing if a little out of theme). Gush could be Compulsive Research - although at that point you're going to want more than
18 lands (as with Wargear). This deck does best against mid-range decks. Against a more aggro-heavy environment consider Repeal.

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