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Peasant Magic Decks

From:  TPCDeckmaster
Sent:  Friday, September 28, 2007 5:45 p.m.

Subject:  Peasant Magic Deck (made of all commons!):  GW Cloak

GW Cloak

(22) Lands
8x Forest
6x Plains
3x Tranquil Thicket
3x Secludded Steppe
2x Selesnya Sanctuary

(25) Creatures
4x Nantuko Vigilante
4x Guardian of the Guildpact
4x Shilhana Ledgewalker
4x Mire Boa (River Boa is basically the same)
3x Phantom Tiger
3x Phantom Nomad
3x Llanowar Elves

(13) Other Spells
4x Armadillo Cloak
4x Arrest
3x Faith's Fetters
2x Vulshok Morningstar

4x Coalition Honor Guard
3x Penumbra Spider
2x Disenchant
2x Sprout Swarm
4x Temporal Isolation

First off, I cannnot take full credit for the creation of this deck but rather the surprisingly unheard of community of Paupers who initially created the concept for this deck can.

Anyway, the deck is pretty straight forward in that mulliganing decisions are not too difficult and there is not any real reactive cards contained in the deck.  If you get the chance to go first, it might be best to take it due to the eight tap lands in the deck.  Other than this decisions are practically easy.

The Lands
22 lands in this deck give it the consistency to be a two colored deck without always drawing land after land.  Tranquil Thicket and Secludded Steppe both help to speed through land heavy draws and act as lands when needed, so they both offer a lot of versatility.  If a decision ever comes up where one would question whether to play or cycle the land, then see whether their is enough lands to already play out your spells in hand.  If there is, then cycle away.  Finally, the Selesnya Sanctuary helps to correct mana which is always helpful and can even bounce cycle lands back to the hand to discard later for another card.

The Creatures
The creatures are all about steardiness and unsolvability.  Guardian of the Guildpact, Silhana Ledgewalker, Mire Boa, Phantom Tiger, and Phantom Nomad are all hard to kill creatures for what they do.  Since the main card, Armadillo Cloak, is an aura, it needs sturdy creatures to survive on and that is just what they are for.  At the same time they don't subtract from the deck's overall playability if Cloak never shows up on time.  The Nantuko Vigilantes give an out against artifacts and enchantments such as Isochron Scepter and various other annoying artifacts while also being a body is the opponent does not have any.  The Llanowar Elves on the other hand give an early source of mana acceleration that is well needed and helps in control matchups.

The Other Spells
Armadillo Cloak, the reason for why the deck exists, is its main function card.  This single card enhances your offensive capabilities by giving +2/+2, gives a form of evasion in trample, and has built in repeated life gain.  These three elements make it a powerful common, which can outright win games.  The main goal of this deck is to get the Cloak onto an unsolvable creature and start winning the life race.  Its a hard to stop combination considering not many decks pack maindecked enchantment removal.  The other card, Vulshok Morningstar, has a similar task that when equipped to creature such as one of the phantoms it can become an undying blocker due to its damage prevention capabilities and the fact it will always have at least two toughness.  On the other end of the spectrum, there is the Fetters and Arrest.  They help in stopping pesky creatures of all sizes and is the decks main source of removal.

The Sideboard
Its pretty easy to understand.  Coalition Honor Guard helps against burn decks that will most of the time have to use two burn cards to get rid of it.  Penumbra Spider is for creature removal heavy decks.  The Sprout Swarms help in control matchups.  Disenchant is for if more artifact and enchantment removal is needed and Temporal Isolation ( I actually don't own this but it's pretty good to have) aids in stopping aggro decks.

I hope these tips on the deck help.

Love it/ Hate it email me at:  TPCDeckmaster@walmartconnect.com





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