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Peasant Magic Decks

Mono-Blue Control

From:  TPCDeckmaster

Subject:  Peasant Magic Deck (made of no uncommons!):  Mono-Blue Control

Mono-Blue Control

(22) Lands
18x Island
4x Lonely Sandbar

(14) Creatures
4x Spire Golem
4x Ninja of the Deep Hours
4x Spiketail Hatchling
2x Looter il-Kor

(24) Other Spells
4x Counterspell
4x Prohibit
4x Exclude
4x Repulse
4x Think Twice
3x Piracy Charm
1x Mana Leak

4x Annul
4x Force Spike
3x Mana Leak
2x Capsize
2x Looter il-Kor

This deck is all about controlling the game through counters, drawing, and Spire Golem defense.  It's pretty skill intensize but possible to master with time.

Mulliganing is a tad bit tricky especially if a counter or draw heavy hand is pulled.  Thus, the deck requires a good amount of skill to decide what is a great hand and what is a bad one.  For example, it's easier to accept a hand of a lot of counters with  one draw element in comparison to a hand full of draw elements and one counter.

The Lands
The Islands in the deck actually do more than just make mana in the deck.  They also help to power out Spire Golems on the cheap so it makes sense to have them as the dominant land.  Also, the Lonely Sandbars are lands when they need to be and draw power which can help to get more counters.

The Creatures
The four Spire Golems are the main power cards.  They help to set up a strong defense by stopping small creature rushes and allows the deck to keep open counter and drawing mana.  At the same time, it has evasion for going on the offensive and is a good ninjutsuing target for Ninja of the Deep Hours.  Speaking of which, he helps to increase card advantage and deal damage.  Every single time he is played, many opponents react with removal.  In that way, he draws removal away from the Spire Golems.  Going onward, Spiketail Hatchling is a creature and a counter.  It helps to put pressure on the opponent in the early game without sacrificing board development if they choose not to play a card during their next turn.  It also has evasion and is thus another good ninjutsuing target.  Looter il-Kor, the final creature, is in some ways the fifth and sixth ninja.  It has evasive qualities like all the other creatures and can deal nearly unblockable damage on a clogged board while sifting through the deck simultaneously.

The Other Spells
Counterspell, Prohibit, Exclude, and Mana Leak each act as removal and stops the opponent from acting upon their devious plans.  They are the reason why the deck works.  Pressing onwards, Think Twice is a draw card split in two.  It is good for casting at the end of an opponents turn when otherwise leftover mana might go to waste while also increasing card advantage.  Another plus is that it helps tremendously against decks packed with discard because it can always be replayed with its flashback.  Piracy Charm gets rid of pesky small creatures that slip under counters during the early game.  It has other uses such as giving a creature islandwalk and forcing the opponent to discard a card at instant speed so it acts a preemptive counter, but mainly, it's just used for its removal aspect.

The Sideboard:
Annul gives a fighting chance against Affinity decks and can stop decks that rely off of artifacts or enchantments.  Force Spike is for aggressive decks that might use cards such as Wild Mongrel or other quick creatures.  Mana Leak may be swapped into the deck for where heavy burn is the matchup.  Capsize discourages creature removal heavy decks while the additional Looter il-Kors are for control on control matchups where more threats are needed.

I hope these tips help for anyone who might be willing to give the deck a shot.

P.S.  If you liked this deck, check out my other Peasant Magic Deck, GW Cloak by TPCDeckmaster.

Love it/ Hate it email me at:  TPCDeckmaster@walmartconnect.com






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