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Peasant Magic Decks
Mono-G Symbol Status Stompy

Symbol Status Stompy
by Jason Chapman

(23) 1CC
4x Jungle Lion (Portal)
1x Ghazban Ogress (Unglued)
4x Llanowar Elves (Beatdown, 6th, 7th, 9th) 2x Fyndhorn Elves (IA) 1x Elvish Lyrist (Saga) 1x Druid Lyrist (Odessey) 2x Scavenger Folk (The Dark) 2x Rogue Elephant (Weatherlight) 4x Rancor (Legacy) 2x Genju of the Cedars (Betrayers)

Note: Don't play the Elephant until you've got a healthy mana base. I see so many rookies drop the Rogue on turn 1. The amount of tempo you lose will not equal the damage you *may* inflict. If you have a Lion and an Elf in hand then I'd advise playing the Elf. Second-turn drop three threats instead of just swinging for 2. Certainly the deck can use any extra mana you may get later in the game.

(8) 2CC
3x River Boa (Visions)
3x Quirion Sentinel (Invasion)
2x Naturalize

(10) 4CC+
4x Blastoderm (Nemesis)
4x Symbol Status
2x Tangle Golem (Mirrodin)

Note: Symbol Status will net you at minimum about 5 tokens. When play-testing I usually got about 7 out of my first one in each game.

19 Forest (all different sets)

The deck plays like a basic stompy deck. Drop as many threats as you can while pummeling away at the life points. You should be fast enough to break through counters and big enough to beat through weenie and sligh. You'll win the race against burn. The only deck that can be as big and faster is affinity with a great hand. But the deck does pack some hate against that deck. Of course the power-house of the deck is symbol status. As the game progresses, this card can put your opponent on a one-turn clock.

Notes on the deck:

If you're up against affinity a lot then drop 2x Lions and add 2x Naturalize. I don't think Fists of Ironwood is efficient enough to run in this deck, although you might like it. I know you get 2 1/1's but that just amounts to a grizzly. To really make it work I feel you should be playing higher toughness creatures. Golem is good, but Blastoderm can't be targeted and most of the creatures are 2-power at most.





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