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Peasant Magic Decks

'UG Skies' – by Vlaya

// Lands
10 [TE] Island (1)
8 [PT] Forest (4)
4 [DIS] Simic Growth Chamber

// Creatures
4 [AP] Gaea's Skyfolk
4 [U] Scryb Sprites
4 [DIS] Assault Zeppelid
4 [NE] Cloudskate
4 [MM] Rishadan Airship

// Spells
4 [UL] Rancor
4 [4E] Unstable Mutation
4 [BD] Brainstorm
3 [6E] Boomerang
3 [RAV] Compulsive Research

Straight beatdown from UG factory!
No particular strategy except to lay your cretures down, rancor them and fly to victory.
I couldn't decide wich uncommons to put in so I didn't :)
Permission is also an option, especially remand which is great considering the tempo of this deck.
Potential sideboard:

3x Mana leak
3x Echoing truth
3x Ninja of the deep hours (this could go maindeck if you want)
3x Annul
3x Blastoderm





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