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Peasant Magic Decks

'RW Beatdown' – by Vlaya

// Lands
11 [MR] Plains (1)
4 [RAV] Boros Garrison
8 [RAV] Mountain (1)

// Creatures
2 [B] Serra Angel (Uncommon)
3 [PS] Flametongue Kavu (Uncommon)
4 [RAV] Skyknight Legionnaire
4 [AP] Goblin Legionnaire
4 [RAV] Thundersong Trumpeter

// Spells
4 [ST] Shock
4 [MR] Raise the Alarm
4 [RAV] Faith's Fetters
4 [MI] Incinerate
4 [BD] Lightning Bolt

This deck is pretty straightforward, burn your path with bolts and incinerates or disable defense with trumpeteers and fetters and bash face!
Flametongue kavu has always been a staple in any red peasant deck. Kills all those pesky enforcerers, flyers, and all kinds of big creatures, while staying to block or attack for four.
Serra angel is great for attack/defend duties due to vigilance and four damage through the air is quite a chunk when your holding burn.
It's fun and competitive with outstanding arsenal in offensive/defensive mode. Sideboard depends on your local metagame, but I'll suggest one:

3x Electrostatic bolt
3x Radiants judgement
3x Pacifism
3x Disenchant
3x Ethereal haze

Have fun!





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