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Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 10:07 AM
Subject: FW: Turning Japanese (Peasant Magic deck)

Here’s a Pez Deck, if you can post it.  ;-)


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Subject: Turning Japanese (Peasant Magic deck)


Let’s get this cleared up first off: I love me some Peasant Magic! It’s a fast, cheap "Type I" style format centered around creatures, geared towards variety and tailor made to fans of the beatdown (although it is certainly within the realm of possibility to get all combo on it.) And it’s left me bored to tears.

Admit it: PEZ is stuck in a rut! Whether playing a table-top game with your buddies or trying to conquer Gen Con, you will encounter White Weenie, MBC, Elf-Ball, Sligh, Affinity, Pros Tide, Stompy and Burn on an all-too familiar basis.

Hey, I don’t blame you for sticking with the tried-and-true. Really I don’t. "The classics never die, mon." I understand that. Hell, I have no problem with playing against said decks! I’m just tired of using them.

So what’s a Magic geek to do when the casual format he loves leaves him with an empty feeling? He digs deep within his bitter, jaded soul and searches for inspiration in the darkest of places: a Champions of Kamigawa booster box. Kamigawa block was less interested in raw power and more about flavor and theme.

Theme, as in theme decks? A PEZ theme deck? Have I gone mad? Yes, yes and yes. But I submit to you that this has been my true calling all along. Just check out my track record on this here site: I’ve pimped old Inquest Magazine decks, went vacationing in Rath and got in touch with my inner Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m no stranger to building peasant theme decks.

But still, abandoning the pursuit of raw power for a devout life of casual theme decks? What single card could have caused such a radical shift in my philosophy?





Untap all creatures you control. Samurai you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

Bonus Flavor Text: "General Takeno glared at us as if we were the enemy. ‘The day is not over yet,’ he shouted, ‘and unless you have a nezumi’s heart, you will stand and fight!’"


Tell me that ain’t the new hotness, huh? ;) Sure, in the Magical grand scheme of things, it’s just another Warrior’s Honor. But I don’t care about substance. I’m in love with it’s sense of style! How can you not dig that flavor text? And the illustration by Wayne Reynolds depicts an army of samurai charging headfirst into battle. (I really hope the good folks at Pojo will kindly include a picture of this card. Words alone just won’t do the illustration justice.)

So, guess I better build me a Samurai deck.


(a.k.a "Konichiwa, Bitches!" Uncommons marked with a *)


4 Araba Mothrider (Flying)

4 Devoted Retainer

*4 Hand of Honor (The emperor’s White Knight)

4 Kitsune Blademaster (First strike)

2 Mothrider Samurai (More flying)

2 Silverstorm Samurai (A 3/3 for 4WW, but play at instant speed)


*1 No-Dachi (A samurai needs a sharp katana)

2 Leonin Scimitar (More swords)

1 Horned Helm (Some protection for his noggin)

1 Slagwurm Armor (and some padding for duels of honor)


4 Call to Glory (Best. Flavor. Ev-ah!)

1 Fend Off (Included for the illo. Pretend it’s Tom Cruise in "The Last Samurai")

1 Fanatical Devotion (to the emperor)

2 Indomitable Will (More Kamigawa flavor)

2 Iron Will (and nerves of steel)

2 Path of Peace (True samurai know when not to fight...)

3 Smite (...but when the time comes, kill without hesitation!)


20 Plains (The emperor’s holdings. Make sure to use the Ravnica versions.)



3 Circle of Protection: Black

4 Circle of Protection: Red

1 Fend Off

2 Path of Peace

1 Smite

4 Terashi’s Grasp (More flavor. Feel free to replace with Disenchant)


Deck strategy: This article is already way too wordy, so I’ll keep this short and stupid: Yes, it’s a White Weenie deck. *sigh* But it’s a stylish Weenie deck!

All of your creatures are Samurai. That means they have the Bushido ability. (+1/+1 when blocking or blocked) They also love to team up with Call to Glory, which allows you to play a very aggressive defense. Go ahead and order your boys out of the trenches. Cast the Call so they can hurry back home to defend the kingdom when your opponent makes his big push.

The Indomitable Will and the equipment cards and jack up your army. Iron Will and Fend Off gives you flexibility plus card drawing. Path of Peace and Smite provide thematic creaturekill. The Fanatical Devotion is there for theme, providing regeneration at a cost. (Besides, the emperor expects them to live and die at his command.) And finally the sideboard should be self-explanatory.

And done! My first "official" PEZ theme deck in the can. Speaking of which, I feel my own Call to Glory coming on. But before I go, I remind you that I’m a slave to the feedback. Please send your comments and death threats to Until then, I remain...

B. Siems