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From: m5272@netzero.net [mailto:m5272@netzero.net]

Subject: peasant magic

Speedy type 2 White Weenie - Mac

This deck is a basic speed white weenie deck.



4- Auriok Glaivemaster
4- Tundra Wolves
4- Leonin Den-Gaurd
4- Suntail Hawk
3- Longbow Archers*


4- Disenchant
4- Blinding Beam
4- Awe Strike
4- Raise The Alarm


4- Bonesplitter
2- Grafted Wargear*

19- plains


3- Circle of Protection: Black
3- Circle of Protection: Red
3- Circle of Protection: White
3- Circle of Protection: Green
2- Circle of protection: Blue ( all CoP's in either 7th edition or lower)
1- plains

Three out of the five creatures in the deck have first strike. Nearly what
ever hand you start out with you'll be of to a good start. Whats better then
a 3/1 first strike on turn two? A 4/2 first strike on turn two. Whats better
then that? A 5/4 first strike on turn three that can block flying. Use awe
strike only in sticky situations. Use Blinding Beam when needed. Raise the
alarm for chump blockers. Then you have to have disenchant. Sideboard
consists of all the CoP's. So just basically, smack your opponent around and
fast. In all the deck cost me about 7.00$.

Deck by: Mac

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