Subject: Speed Lines and Big Eyes (Peasant deck)


The one-two combination punch of Lava Spike/Glacial Ray plus’s “Japan week” inspired me to create a PEZ style arcane-splice deck for Standard. So, what happens when Magic visits the Far East? I think it may look a little something like this:

TURBO COMMONS VERSION 4.1 (Standard legal)

RED SPELLS: “Speed lines”
4 Glacial Ray
4 Lava Spike
4 First Volley
4 Torrent of Stone
2 Ire of Kaminari
2 Desperate Ritual
4 Raging Goblin
2 Battle Mad Ronin
4 Ronin Hound master
4 Spark Elemental
2 Vulshok Sorcerer
4 Oxidda Golem

LANDS: 20 Mountains

4 Stone Rain
4 Echoing Ruin
3 Goblin Replica
*4 Sowing Salt (uncommon)
One Mana: 16
Two Mana: 8
Three Mana: 6
Four Mana or more: 10

Confession time: This is strictly a work in progress, a thought experiment. “Have I tested it?” you ask. Hardly. I’m tossing this baby out into the cold PEZ river moments after it’s fallen out of the womb. I leave it to you, gentle reader, to fish the poor infant out of the pond.

Or in other words, y’all playtest it and let me know how well the deck works. ;)

I was going to build a Kamagawa-only deck, but I soon realized that most of the red commons in Champions block (other than the ones dedicated to burn) just aren’t quality, especially compared to Mirrodin block’s commons. Hence the Standard route.

For this incarnation of Turbo Commons, I stripped out the black and went with an all red build. We’re going “anime action theater” on this one (hence the “speed lines and big eyes”) with lots of fast burn spells and cheap haste creatures dedicated to the deck’s single-minded goal of pounding away at your opponent’s ground forces while your own troops swarm in for the kill. No real strategy to speak of here other than to splice your arcane spells often. All of that direct damage should be too much for any foe to handle.

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