From: Kayvan Koie []
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 1:57 PM

Peasant Sligh Speed


This is a sligh deck built for speed.


// Creatures //

3 Gorilla Shaman (uncommon)

4 Mogg Fanatic

4 Goblin Patrol

4 Ironclaw Orcs

4 Mogg Flunkies


// Burn //

2 Seal of Fire

2 Flame Rift

2 Fireblast

3 Reckless Abandon

4 Shock

4 Lightning Bolt

4 Incinerate

4 Kindle


// Land //

16 Mountain


// Sideboard //

1 Gorilla Shaman (uncommon)

3 Flaring Pain

3 Overload

4 Goblin Tinkerer

4 Fireslinger


Basically the theory of the deck is to have an extremely low mana curve, so as to allow fewer mountains and more burn spells.  Granted that makes its biggest weakness LED, however by the  time they get their third mana to destroy my lands, I should be raping and pillaging.


I chose Gorilla Shamans as my only uncommon becase I feel that Affinity decks will be my biggest weakness, and the shaman is great to take out 0 cost artifacts and artifact lands. 


The deck does not have Jackal Pups because I wanted room for the Shaman.  I only have 2 Fireblast because I have few mountains and I treat the spell more as a finishing card.  Flamerift is a great substitute.


People have suggested I use Goblin Grenades, but not all of my creatures are goblins, and by using reckless abandon I can sacrifice any creature, for 1 less damage.


My sideboard consists of lots of artifact hate, since I see that as my biggest weakness.  I included fireslingers in the SB rather than maindeck, to side them in against goblin decks, or any other weenie hoard deck.


Against red hate, I don't see a huge issue.  Flaring Pain will allow me to throw in a finishing card to end the game early.  If they run pro red creatures we will end up either not attacking, or trading blows.  Circle of Protection Red is not a major issue, since I will be attacking and casting spells each round, they will end up getting bogged down by using a majority of their mana to feed their circle rather than casting spells.


Against green horde decks.  Their weakness is their reliance on elves.  By using my minor burn spells (such as shock and seal of fire) on their mana generators, that will slow them down, and I can SB in fireslingers to make it worse.


Against combo decks, I can see this deck dealing fatal damage by turn 4 or 5 with the right hand, they will need a pretty efficient combo to go off.


Affinity is a major threat for this deck, I haven't had much of a chance to test against that deck yet.  I'm hoping my SB will aid greatly against it.


The few times I faced discard or black control decks, I beat them by trading blows and eventually drawing a finishing card.


I believe the biggest advantage and weakness of the deck is the fact that 24 of the spells are casting cost 1, and 20 are 2, with no spell (deck or SB) casting above 2(except fireblasts but I never pay 6, I almost always sac 2 mountains).  This makes  it very lean on heavy hitting cards, but also very fast.  Another major issue with this deck is I very frequenty empty my hand and end up top decking the rest of the game.  I may consider throwing in a few skull clamps to see if this helps, but I'm not sure.


Kayvan Koie