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Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2005 7:34 PM

Subject: Peasant Magic - Brutal Black Beats Deck

(16) Creatures
4x Dauthi Marauder
4x Tainted Monkey
3x Hypnotic Specter
3x Phyrexian War Beast
2x Razorjaw Oni

(13) Disruption
4x Hymn to Tourach
4x Duress
1x Wrench Mind
4x Rain of Tears

(7) Creature Kill
2x Terror
2x Diabolic Edict
3x Rend Flesh

(24) Mana
4x Dark Ritual
20 Swamp

This is a tribute to the older days when Necropotence ruled the day. The game should begin with disruption in the way of Duress, a first-turn Hyppie, or perhaps Ritual followed by Duress and Hymn. Tainted Monkey is a brutal 3 life when it's effect hits. You should always choose the word "the", as it's on most magic cards. Razorjaw Oni is the Juzam Djinn for peasant magic, as it's a 4/5 beater. The fact that black creatures can't block doesn't matter in the least.
In fact, it even helps you against another black deck.
You've got Phyrexian War Beast and lots of creature kill to stop creatures or clear a path. Rend Flesh hits most creatures in the game and is almost always more flexible than Terror.

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