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Peasant Magic Decks


Completely updated 'High Tide'

'High Tide' by Vlatko Jurisic

4x Cloud of fairies
4x Frantic search
4x Ideas unbound
4x Brainstorm
4x High tide
4x Accumulated knowledge
4x Sleight of hand
3x Merchant scroll
3x Brain freeze
3x Peer through depths
1x Snap
1x Turnabout
1x Mystical tutor

20x Island

3x Blue elemental blast (Red decks)
3x Disrupt (Black decks)
3x Snap (Affinity, reanimator)
3x Annul (Affinity)
3x Words of wisdom (force your oppnent to lose in you turn)

Updated version of the best Pez-combo deck ever! The resiliency gained with Ideas Unbound is enormuous. Peer through depths is so synergestic with brainstorm that it hurts. Try it out you won't regret it.

I can be contacted at:






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