Zubera deck

// Lands
    5 [CHK] Mountain (1)
    4 [CHK] Island (2)
    8 [CHK] Forest (3)
    5 [CHK] Swamp (4)
    1 [CHK] Lantern-Lit Graveyard


// Creatures
    4 [CHK] Dripping-Tongue Zubera
    4 [CHK] Ember-Fist Zubera
    4 [CHK] Ashen-Skin Zubera
    4 [CHK] Floating-Dream Zubera
    4 [CHK] Sakura-Tribe Elder
    2 [CHK] Hana Kami


// Spells
    4 [CHK] Devouring Greed
    4 [CHK] Devouring Rage
    4 [CHK] Kodama's Reach
    2 [CHK] Eerie Procession
    1 [CHK] Glacial Ray


so hi,


with the new block Champions of Kamigawa, I made this deck and realized it was almost all common

a few minutes I read on your site what Peasant Magic is, so I thought why not send it ?

The original version had a few more uncommons, but those were just some of the 'dual' lands form CHK to make the mana base more stable ..

so I throw 'em out to statisfy the rules of Peasant Magic

please note that this deck is Block Legal, Standard Legel, T1 Legal, T1.5 Legal, and now Peasant Legal ;)


So here's how the decks works : You play some land first, make sure you start with a forest in your hand, since it's the main color

fetch some lands with Sakura-Tribe Elder and Kodama's Reach (no need to wait with Elder to attack for one, just wiat until the end of your opponents turn and the sacrifice him.

Then get some more land :) and play some Zubera's ..

Zubera's are your win condition, and this together with 2 cards.

You can attack, and play Devouring Rage on a Zubera that isn't blocked, to make easily a 10/2 attacker ..

Another possibility is to sacrifice them for Devouring Greed to drain life your opponent and sending zubera's to the graveyard.

Because you sacrifice them with one spell at the same time you can get a lot out of a few zubera's for example :

you have a blue Zubera out, 2 red ones, and 1 green one ..

you play Devouring Greed because you're a little low on life, sac'ing ALL your zubera's .. in this case 4 zubera's will net you Drain Life for 10, nice, but that's not all.

when the blue dies, you get cards, 4 in this case, when the green one dies, you get tokens, 4 to be exact, and the 2 red will let you deal another 8 damage, 4 and 4 again.

with the cards you've drawn, you will get

- a lot of zubera's again

- a Devouring spell to finish it if you hadn't already

this usually happens on turn 6-7-8


I could supported the deck with 2 blue and 2 Green Hondens but instead I had a better idea ..

2 Hana Kami

first of all, they are 1-drops, secondly they can get your Devouring Greed back so you can cast it again, this time sac'ing the tokens you just got and for the win this time

or you get your kodama's reach and cast it again, to make your deck thinner (this is very important, so you draw a lot of Zubera's)

2 Eerie Procession

these count as the 9th and 10th win condition, since they can fetch one of the Devouring spells, if you're stuck without lands, don't be afraid to get a Reach, this way your deck is 3 cards thinner (1 Reach and 2 lands)

another thing you can get is the Glacial Ray

1 Glacial Ray

Samurai of the Pale Curtain can ruin your deck with his ability to remove a card instead of going to the graveyard, that's why this 1 Glacial Ray maindeck is important

You can always splice is onto a Devouring spell or a Reach, to deal some 'free' extra damage to your opponent or to that pinger who's killing your Zubera's


Sideboard : haven't thought about it, probably 3 Glacial Rays, just in case


Hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you plan on posting the deck onto your site




David Vlaminck