White Slide – a mono-white Astral Slide Deck


3 Icatian Javelineers

4 Soul Warden

3 Teroh’s Faithful or Venerable Monk

2 Mystic Zealot

4 Auramancer

1 Seal of Cleansing

2 Enlightened Tutor - Uncommon

3 Astral Slide - Uncommon

4 Renewed Faith

3 Radiant’s Judgement

1 Rune of Protection: White

1 Rune of Protection: Black

2 Rune of Protection: Green

3 Rune of Protection: Red

4 Drifting Meadows

4 Secluded Steepe

19 Plains


This deck seeks to stabilize the game with early life gain and the proper RoP, backed by Astral Slide for additional creature protection. Then Mystic Zealot swings for the win while Auramancer protects the RoP and the Slide.


Icatian Javelineers – A nice one drop and when you slide them they get their counter back. In some games this could be your road to victory. Also useful to kill Elvish Lyrists, flyers, and to thin 1/1 hordes.


Soul Warden – Every time a creature comes into play you gain 1 life. Need I say anything more? Try using Honorable Scout against Red and Black creature decks instead, you may like the results.


Venerable Monk – Cheaper than the Faithful he provides a decent life push and is there to get you far enough into the game for the Slide to come down. Not as good as the Faithful post Slide.


Teroh’s Faithful – A great blocker and 4 life. Much better to Slide for life than the Monk. The cost is the only thing that hurts.


Auramancer – This card is the key to the deck. It allows for free card draws and protects the Astral Slide and RoP’s. If you also need extra enchantment removal use its ability on the Seal of Cleansing.


Seal of Cleansing – Sure this could have been a creature that destroys enchantments when it comes into play. You can, however, tutor for this card if needed and you never have to worry about accidentally destroying the RoP or Slide when it comes into play.


Enlightened Tutor – The ability to find a key card in your deck at any time is too good to pass up. Even in game 1 this is like having 2 extra RoP’s of the appropriate color in your deck.


Renewed Faith – Cycles and gains life.


Radiant’s Judgment – Creature removal but 9 times out of 10 it will just cycle.


RoP’s – Your method to avoid losing.


Jason Chapman – chaps_man@hotmail.com