Hey everyone,first I just want to say that it is awsome that pojo has finally put up a Magic website after months of hounding by fans,anyways,to my article...

Pokemon vs Magic..Who really cares?

Well,at first glance by the average person who is looking to invest into a TCG to start playing,they may not see a difference,but each of these games holds some very unique qualitys that make both of them great.


I will start with saying a few words of the great game we all know as Magic the gathering.This card game has many sets spanning from alpha and beta the the newly released Planeshift,each set in magic has had it's own style and way of amping the game.In a way,this is also a downfall to some players due to the ever changing formats and styles of play,but this also breaths new life into a game most people thought would not last this long.Some of the plus's of M:TG have over all other card games is that,for one,it was the originator,it combines role-play , board game strategy , and new ways to think for some people.Also,another plus of the game is that there are so many players that if you look around you can find a tourney any where.WoTC has done a near perfect job of keeping the playing field level , bannings on unfair and "broken" cards kept the game even enough so that any startegy can work almost (well maybe except for infernal genesis and coat of arms =).Some major! downfalls to magic though happen t


Most people are very skeptical about pokemon at first glance because of it's childish look and "sickningly cute" card art,but don't be fooled,this card game packs alot of strategy and flavor that only gets better as you play.Lets start with some good points,Pokemon is a very simple game to pick up and play (compared to magic that is) ,easy enough so that people of any age can play and still be enjoyable,but the younger players (12 and under) are the ones that cause most of the problems in the game due to not knowing the rules,making thier own up( i especially love the take your opponents prize and keep it rule alot of younger kids play,heh) and tri to slip stuff past you while playin,IE,drawing two cards or playing more than one energy.The lack of a tournament enviroment also hurts the popularity of the card game,since i figure that major prop tournaments would be impossible to do since they would have to include the younger demographic.Not all is bad though, since this g! ame too also has quiet alot of simp

So,which one is better?

When I first saw magic (which was also around the time I started getting into pokemon) I thought of it as a stupid role-playing game that no one could play,that was based on facts that I did not have and like many people with pokemon and magic,I also judged too quickly,and later learned that magic had the complex strategy I was looking for.So when you ask me "ok,which one is better for people to invest in" I would have to say pokemon,only because it is newer and older cards are easier to get a hold of.But if you asked me "which one is a better use of money and time" I would definatly say magic,with just around three sets a year coming out now,the game never gets stale and has so much variety with different playing styles that it is too much to pass up.

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- ShAdOwCaT


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