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Pojo.com's Magic: The Gathering News
July 26, 2013


Magic: The Gathering -
news from Comic-Con and PAX Australia

Magic: The Gathering had an exciting weekend at San Diego Comic Con and the first ever PAX Australia, where plenty of exclusive previews and details about upcoming products and initiatives were revealed during panels at each of the shows.


Some key highlights included:


ˇ         Card previews for the forthcoming From The Vault: Twenty, Commander, and Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters

ˇ         An overview of the upcoming Theros block including concept art, information on in-store events and the new Challenge Decks and “hero cards” that will be introduced during the block

ˇ         An exciting announcement about a new partnership with Geek and Sundry


You can watch the full Comic-Con panel here, and read this article to check out all the preview cards revealed over the weekend.


Then, get ready because soon Magic will be talking PAX Prime and you won’t believe the things we have in store for the official kickoff of Theros!



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