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Pojo.com's Magic News
April 16, 2013


Azorius on top of Ravnica guild leaderboard!


It’s less than three weeks away from the launch of Dragon’s Maze and the Azorius guild is currently on top of the guild leaderboard with 3,390,302 Planeswalkers Points! 

While the release of the final set in Magic: The Gathering’s Return to Ravnica block on May 3 comes with great excitement, it also means that time is running out in the battle for control of Ravnica. But there is still time to join a guild! So please feel free to encourage your readers to pick a side as they enjoy the rest of the Return to Ravnica block. In choosing an affiliation, players can take part in the battle of control for Ravnica at their local Wizards Play Network locations.   

In the meantime, the rest of the leaderboard currently stands at: 

1)    Azorius (3,390,302)

2)    Izzet  (3,330,408)

3)    Dimir (2,485,106)

4)    Simic (2,209,464)

5)    Golgari (1,628,324)

6)    Boros (1,597,323)

7)    Orzhov (1,519,002)

8)    Selesnya (1,392,553)

9)    Rakdos (1,214,476)

10) Gruul (889,470) 

Information about the 10 guilds of Ravnica, as well as a guild quiz that will help players select a guild to affiliate with, can be found at GuildsOfRavnica.com. To stay up to date on where your favorite guild stands in the battle for control of Ravnica, please continue to check the Guild Leaderboard.


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