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Pojo.com's Magic News
February 18, 2010

Wizards of the Coast Brings International ‘Magic’ Festival to San Diego


WHAT:  Wizards of the Coast is returning to San Diego for the first Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour of the 2010 season. This premier event takes place February 19 – 21 at the San Diego Convention Center and will feature hundreds of players from more than 50 countries battling against friend and foe for the chance to be named Pro Tour Champion.


               Pro Tour—San Diego will draw a diverse group of the best gamers from around the world and the local community. Three players from the greater San Diego area qualified for the tournament and will be competing in the main event. 


               The Magic Pro Tour is the highest form of competitive play for the collectible trading card game. Every day in hobby stores across the globe, players also participate in local Magic events, such as Friday Night Magic, a weekly tournament that offers a more casual gaming environment for players of all skill levels.


               Pro Tour—San Diego is open to the public, and Wizards of the Coast invites gaming fans to experience the Pro Tour by participating in onsite activities such as side tournaments, game demos and Super Friday Night Magic, the largest event of its kind this year. Wizards of the Coast is also offering a free trip to the next Pro Tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico to the winner of the Wizards Play Network Open, a public tournament taking place on Sunday. 


               Media are invited to attend and get an inside look at the Pro Tour to meet the players, local retailers and Wizards of the Coast employees that helped create the robust Magic community in San Diego and across the globe.


WHEN:    February 19 - 21

               Read about the Pro Tour online: Pro Tour—San Diego  


WHERE: San Diego Convention Center
Exhibit Hall D
111 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101



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