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Pojo.com's Magic News
December 2, 2010

Sony Online Entertainment Unleashes Blue Mana


Sony Online Entertainment today draws from its mercurial Blue Mana pool, conjuring some of the water-wielding creatures and time-bending spells appearing in Magic: The Gathering - Tactics, the online animated grid-based tactics title due out this winter for the PC.


Mysterious, manipulative and creative, wielders of Blue Mana alter the rules of reality, summoning master mages, blasting counterspells and tricking time to confuse and control those less skilled in the arcane arts. Wizards will bring the best of Blue Man to the battlefield, such as the time-warping Chronomancer, secretive Phantom Scoundrel, and the deceptive Planeswalker ally Jace Beleren, who wrecks the minds and spellbooks of all that oppose him.

The game's website is here .Magic: The Gathering - Tactics for the PC and PLAYSTATION« 3 computer entertainment system brings the iconic characters, spells and settings from the world's premier trading card game to life in stunning 3D!

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