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Pojo.com's Magic News

Record Number of Active MTG Players

Wizards of the Coast is excited to announce that after starting the Wizards Play Network last June, we have recorded the largest number of active Magic: The Gathering DCI players in North American history!


“This record speaks volumes about the growth and health of our customer base and retail channel, and we can’t thank our judges and organizers enough for their support,” said Chris Galvin, VP of Organized play at Wizards of the Coast. “Based on our reporting, we have recorded more than 138,500 active players since April 2008.”


When a player is “active” in the DCI, it means that they have played in one or more sanctioned events in the past 12 months, tracked by their DCI number. Sanctioned play numbers continue to rise with the release of Alara Reborn.


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