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Pojo.com's Magic News

Magic: The Gathering® Releases Much Anticipated Magic Online® III To Anxious Fans

Gaming icon Wizards of the Coast redesigned the look, feel and gameplay to enhance gaming experiences

WHAT: Today, Renton-based Wizards of the Coast released a redesign of the popular digitized version of the world’s most successful trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, with the release of Magic Online III (MOL III). Nearly six years after its launch in June 2002, Magic Online (MOL) has grown to include more than 350,000 registered accounts and has enthralled players around the world hosting more than two million monthly matches. MOL also hosts daily online tournaments featuring prizes such as limited edition avatars, invitations to “real” world Magic™ events, digital booster packs and paper card sets of all the latest expansions.

MOL III: With MOL III, the updated features are designed to introduce beginners to the game in an approachable manner, while fulfilling the competitive appetites of core enthusiasts. Players will discover new graphics and a user interface designed to enhance interaction, community chat, streamlined game play, access to 24/7 live customer support and an in-game store front enabling the purchasing of new cards and content without leaving the game environment. These technologies coupled with unique game play and first of its kind business model separates MOL from other online games.

A limited feature-set will be available at launch while functionality is slowly turned on over the first few days of the system being up and stable. At release, players will have access to casual play, followed by drafts, then premier events until MOL reaches "normal" premier event scheduling.

LAUNCH: In a few months, MOL III will officially celebrate the launch with a series of events supporting the official release of Shadowmoor™ on MOL. The MOL III release celebration will include a variety of events and tournaments including a Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour qualifying tournament, premier events, drafts, and cash and product prizes/giveaways. Specific information on celebration timing will be announced at a later date.

ABOUT: MOL game play is similar to the paper version only the online capabilities better adapt to fit players’ lifestyles—allowing them to experience the full depth of Magic from any computer with an online connection. With MOL, no longer are players required to plan play around work or local tournament schedules to find worthy opponents, as players can now do it on their own time with other Magic players from around the world 24/7—all without ever leaving the comforts of home.

MOL broke ground as one of the first games to successfully bring collectable card games online and continues to lead the way in developing new ways to enhance the experience for its players. The Magic Online client is free, does not require a monthly subscription fee, and its unique purchase model allows consumers to scale their investment by only paying for content they use.


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