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Pojo.com's Magic News
Tribal Wars Results


Still waiting for the final word on Pirates v. Ninjas?  Want to know who is cast in the new X-Men movie?  Trying to figure our which came first; the chicken or the egg?


Well, we can’t help you out there, but I do have the latest results from Tribal Wars.


Elementals with the in-store votes and Elves with the card fight!


Here are the votes for the in-store tribal wars

  1. Elementals 38147 votes
  2. Elves 29643 votes
  3. Faeries 26469 votes
  4. Goblins 24560 votes
  5. Merfolk 21347 votes
  6. Giants 18941 votes
  7. Kithkin 16964 votes
  8. Treefolk 16280 votes


For the card fight, here are the vote tallies:


  1. Elves 40496 votes
  2. Merfolk 38499 votes
  3. Elementals 35432 votes
  4. Kithkin 34695 votes
  5. Treefolk 32430 votes
  6. Goblins 30792 votes
  7. Faeries 30250 votes
  8. Giants 28555 votes


Hope you are still enjoying your tribal cards and if you haven’t had a chance to check out the latest Morningtide set, see it here.


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