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Fans ready for another Magic Weekend

Once again, Wizards of the Coast is calling players from all corners of the U.S. to compete in Magic: The Gathering’s “Magic Weekend,” July 27 – 29 in Baltimore, MD. The weekend-long event consists of a scholarship tournament for qualified college-bound players, the national championship tournament to determine the U.S. National team which will represent their country at the World Championship in New York City in December, and public side events with prizes including iPods, a laptop computer and tons of exclusive Magic product. Cumulative prize money from these events will total a whopping $120,000. See the media alert below for more details on the event.

New players looking to get the basics down before trying their hand at the professional Magic circuit need look no further than Magic: The Gathering’s Two Player Starter game. Newly redesigned using a collection of “greatest hits” from Magic’s Tenth Edition, the Two Player Starter game is intended to help newcomers understand the Magic experience and bring them into the massive global community already taking part in the world’s most exciting collectable card game. For more information on the Two Player Starter game, see the attached fact sheet.

Magic Online offers another venue for Magic players to get into the game and will soon release Masters Edition, an exclusive online-only set. Planned for a September 10th, 2007 release date, Masters Edition is a 195 card set of some of the greatest cards from Magic's past. Offered as a booster-only product, Masters Edition will only be available for a limited time. Visit www.wizards.com for more information.


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