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Pojo.com's Magic News
Tribal Wars

You may have heard of “Pirates versus Ninjas,” the pop-culture debate questioning “who would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas?” The abstract challenge has recently expanded to include characters from other action films, T.V. shows and video games. See [http://www.ugo.com/movies/minotaur-vs-centaur/] for examples. 


Today, gaming icon, Wizards of the Coast, kicks-off a month-long “Tribal War” between eight iconic fantasy characters with the release of a new limited-edition Magic: The Gathering product called Duel Decks (image below). For the first time, Wizards has paired the most popular and powerful Elf and Goblin collectible trading cards to create two exclusive 60-card themed decks; Elf and Goblin.


The “Tribal Wars” challenge, however, goes beyond Elves and Goblins. Fans are invited to pledge allegiance to one of the eight tribes found in Lorwyn, the current set of Magic cards, and battle opposing tribes in a series of card matches at their local hobby shop. Players can choose to build decks consisting of Elves, Elementals, Faeries, Giants, Goblins, Kithkin, Merfolk or Treefolk cards found in Lorwyn and other Standard sets. The war begins December 1, 2007 and will conclude January 3, 2008.


Much like March Madness, Fantasy Football or the Harry Potter Quidditch matches; “Tribal Wars” also has a significant online, viral component. To experience this first-hand, visit www.wizards.com/tribalwars and support your Tribe by downloading digital flags, posters, insignia and other flair.  While you’re at it, compare successful card decks among fellow players.


Whose side are you on?


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