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Shuffle & Cut Games Pays Over $1,000 to the Best Type 2 Players in Southern California

La Mirada, CA -- May 8, 2006 --  With Magic Regionals coming right around the corner, don't you wish there was a way to know all the best decks before the tournament?  Don't you wish you could be part of forming the Nationwide metagame rather than guessing at it?  Don't you wish you could walk away with a cool $500 and the knowledge that your deck will be the one that players all over the country will be looking at just days before the biggest Standard tournament of the year?  Now you can!

Shuffle & Cut Games, the largest Magic dealer in the Southwest United States presents it's Second Southern California Type 2 Open.  On May 14th, the best Type 2 players from California, Nevada, and Arizona will decent on Shuffle & Cut Games in La Mirada to determine who will shape the metagame (with the help of prominent Magic websites, of course) and walk out with $500 and title of Southern California Type 2 Champion.

Marshall Fine came into the first open on February 19th with his U/B/r Control Deck and was rewarded with $500 and the notoriety of being the one to popularize the deck.  Chris Olsen made players nationwide fear the power of the maindeck Blood Moon as his mono-red aggro deck shocked everyone in route to 2nd place and 2 boxes of Guildpact.

"This time with the tournament going to an open format," said Scott Gerhardt, the tournament's organizer, "We decided to up the stakes a bit and spread the cash out more."

The prize payout is as follows:

1st Place - $500 Cash
2nd Place - $100 Cash + 2 Type 2 Boxes of Choice
3/4 Place - $50 Cash + 1 Type 2 Box of Choice
5/8 Place - 1/2 Type 2 Box of Choice

The tournament could be entered one of two days.  First of all, players winning a qualifier or accumulating 10 or more points through qualifier play receive free entry to the tournament and 2 round bye in the tournament.  Alternately, players unable to qualify through those tournaments can enter the tournament for $25.

The tournament's format is Type 2 WITH Dissension.  This will be the first major tournament in the country to utilize this format.  Being 6 days before Dissension is DCI legal, the tournament also allows the use of up to 5 total proxies from Dissension.

Gerhardt went on to say, "This will allow the tournament to not be about netdecking and who has the most money.  Anyone can get the cards they need and there are no proven netdecks yet - this tournament is about the skill."

So all players realize, this tournament will be held at Shuffle & Cut Games' newest location in La Mirada, California.  Any questions can be asked by e-mailing scott at Scott@ShuffleAndCut.com, or by calling their La Mirada store at 562-946-5894.

Shuffle & Cut Games is located in 2 locations in Southern California.  Having been in business nearly 6 years and being owned and operated by a staff with countless years in the industry, they have been come to be known as the industry leaders for Magic single cards, boasting an inventory of well over two million cards.  In addition, they also deal in Vs System, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Masters, Inu Yasha, Naruto, HeroClix, Pokemon, and various other hot CCGs.


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