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September 7, 2005

here are the results for last weeks Standard tournament:

1st: Polidom with Medium Red
2nd: Papercut with Mono Blue Tron
Next week will be Extended Tribal WarZ.  it will have the extended ban list(http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=judge/resources/sfrextended), and it will have these additional bans:
 Blood Oath
Circle of Solace
Engineered Plague
Peer's Pressure
Tsabo's Decree
Unnatural Selection
the deck is a 60 card minimum with 1/3 of the deck being cards from 1 tribe (that's 20 cards for a 60 cards deck).  there are also no Side Boards
 you can't choose Goblins or Elves as your tribe, that means using creatures with type Elf is legal, but u can't have more than 20 of them.
If you would like to join just PM either ShadowZ or Tdogloftin2 in the message boards with your deck, the tournament will be this Sunday.  the time is not known yet so if you have given me your deck I will send the time to you when we find out when it is
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