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Pojo.com Magic: The Gathering News

MTG Trivia Overload

12.01.04  - Press Release

Name of Event: MTG Trivia Overload

Date: Saturday, December 4, 2004

Time: 1pm PDT (4pm EDT)

Room on chat site: "Wizards Presents..." chatroom off the lobby.

Description of event:

“Think you know all there is to know about Magic: the Gathering? Well, come test your knowledge along with others or maybe learn something! We at Wizards.Community are proud to announce the first monthly game of MTG Trivia Overload this Saturday the 4th of December! We will begin at approximately 1:00PM Pacific (4PM Eastern, 9PM GMT) in the "Wizards Presents..." chatroom at the WIZARDS.COMmunity chatrooms. ( www.wizards.com/chat )

You don't have to be an expert. There are questions for everyone. They will be in categories that may have to do with rules, storylines, art and other miscellaneous Magic topics. We will be giving away great prizes to the top two point winners. To play, you'll have to register a screen name for the chatrooms (boards names don't crossover). Then log into chat . From the lobby, type /go wizards and that will get you to the Trivia contest.

We hope to see you there! !”




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