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Magic: The Gathering News


The Most Popular Characters From the World's Number-One Trading Card Game
Inspire New 3-D Collectibles for Fans and Players


February 4, 2002 (Renton, Wash.) -- Wizards of the Coast Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. (NYSE:HAS) and global leader in the hobby game industry, announced today plans to release limited quantities of the first collectable _Magic: The Gathering_(R) action figures in fall 2002.  Based on popular iconic characters and top creatures from the best competition-based strategy game ever created, _Magic_(R) Action Figures are chiseled into dynamic poses that mimic their actual cards in high detail from sculpture and paint perspectives.

Each action figure will also include a randomly inserted _Seventh Edition_(TM) card from the Magic trading card game (TCG), which was invented by Richard Garfield and first released in 1993. The Magic: The Gathering game is the most widely played TCG, with an active base of more than six million players in 52 countries and 80,000 official tournaments each year.  In the Magic game, players become the game designers, choosing from thousands of creatures with unique battle abilities, building decks and crafting strategies.  With the regular release of expansions, no two games are ever alike, delivering unmatched play value.

The creatures and characters chosen to be the first Magic action figures are among the most celebrated of the thousands that have been introduced on game cards over the last nine years.  The _Serra Angel_(TM), _Lord of Atlantis_(TM), _Sengir Vampire_(TM) and _Erhnam Djinn_(TM) action figures will solidify the legendary popularity of time-honored cards that are still highly sought after by collectors, professional tournament players and casual players alike.  The _Kamahl_(TM), Pit Fighter action figure will reinforce the rapid popularity of the card of the same name, which first appeared in the _Odyssey_(TM) expansion, released in October 2001.

Another action figure will add new dimensions of celebrity and empowerment for one professional Magic player.  The _Shadowmage Infiltrator_(TM) action figure is based on a card designed by the 2000 Magic Invitational champion, Jon Finkel.  The action figure bears resemblance to both Finkel and his card, which was also included in the Odyssey expansion.

The fall release marks a new product category for the Magic: The Gathering product line.  It is also the second game innovation this year, after the release of Magic Online, that will provide players and fans with a fresh and heightened way to experience the game.  Players and fans will finally have something solid to collect and display that represents coveted cards, reputed game-play strategies, and heroes or foes featured throughout the Magic novels.

The Magic: The Gathering TCG is printed in nine languages.  There are approximately 80,000 Magic tournaments hosted annually by the _DCI_(TM) players' organization, the governing authority for all officially sanctioned Magic tournaments.  For more information on the Magic: The Gathering TCG, visit <playmagic.com> or <wizards.com/magic>.  A dedicated Magic Online website will launch later this year.

Wizards of the Coast is the worldwide market share leader in the TCG and tabletop roleplaying game categories.  A leading developer and publisher of game-based entertainment products, as well as the owner and operator of one of the nation's largest specialty game retail chains, the company holds an exclusive patent on the play mechanic of TCGs.  Headquartered near Seattle, Washington, Wizards of the Coast has international offices in Antwerp, Paris, Milan, London, Beijing and Sydney.  For more information on Wizards of the Coast, visit the company's website and electronic retail store at <wizards.com>.

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