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Building Budget Decks
With Max
November 27, 2006

Hey guys here are some guidelines to building a good budget deck.

First, let's find the answer to the question "why do people make budget decks?" The first and primary answer is obvious - to save money. Those decks are mostly made just for fun, and the more expensive decks are used in tournaments. But (there's always a "but") if you have enough wits you can make a tournament-winning budget deck. How? Two ways. First one is to take a normal (read: expensive) deck and downgrade it. Replace the valuable cards with cheap, and therefore worse cards. But if done right, you can get a cheap deck that's only a bit worse than the original one. The second way would be the classical one-just find a bunch of cheap cards and try to make them work together. The first step would be access to cards. The easiest way is to download the Apprentice program-it has all the cards, all you need are prices. Then (if you use the first way to build a deck) you should find a deck to downgrade.

Let's try Elves. Straight green, mostly weenie, aggro deck.

*Step one: lands. *Of course Forests are the main ones. Add maybe a couple of Tranquil thickets. The number varies-if you use Elvish pioneers, put a bit more lands, and if you use Llanovar elves and such, put less lands.

*Step two: artifacts, enchantments: *you could have problems with flying creatures, so a Spidersilk armor might be a good option. the other option would be Silhana Starfletchers (not too good). Another great thing is the Crown of vigor, 'cuz you have only one type of creatures in your deck. Maybe some Elvish guidances if you have mana problems

*Step 3: sorceries and instants*: you might have problems with killin'

artifacts and enchantments so you might add Molder, Naturalize or Sundering Vitae (my favorite). If you want some extra plusses, add Wirewood pride (kicks penguins) or Wildsize (if you lack cards). Maybe add one or two Moment's peace or Lull cards for protection.

*Step 4 : creatures*: Elves. All you can get, but firstly, lets try to make them work together. We need muscle elves and brains elves. First:

brains for mana-4 Elvish pioneers or Llanovar elves,Wirewood elves and Priestess of Titania cards. Second: brains for life-Wellwishers. Third:

pump-ups Timberwatch elves. And muscle: Silhana ledgewalkers (sure hitters), Wirewood heralds, Elvish warriors and stuff...

What do we get? A version of this...

19x Forest
3x Tranquil thicket
2x Spidersilk armor
4x Crown of vigor
2x Naturalize
2x Sundering Vitae
4x Wildsize
4x Elvish pioneer
4x Wellwisher
3x Timberwatch elf
3x Silhana Ledgewalker
4x Wirewood herald
4x Elvish warrior
2x Elvish berserker

An all-common deck, cheaper than a hot dog in a wash machine...but it kicks! Cycle Tranquil thickets when you have enough lands, use Spidersilk armors to improve you defense bigtime, enchant some elves with Crowns of Vigor,attack and sac the crowns for mass damage! Kick artifacts and enchantments with Naturalize and Sundering Vitae, pump you attackers with your Timberwatches and trample through the defenders with Wildsize (plus you draw a card), keep your HP steady with wellwishers, sneak through with Silhanas and pump them up, get two lands and a creature in the first turn with your Pioneers, get the good elves to you hand with Heralds, or just kick with Elvish warriors and berserkers...you choose... :-D

Next article we'll discuss about budget U/R control decks...

Read ya,

MaX (Burn_To_Fade)

PS: send all suggestions, comments and stuff to maxmax@neobee.net



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